Our Program

Our ProgramOur residential treatment center is a place where students can expect to receive personal attention from professionals who genuinely want to help them obtain the tools they need to heal and grow.  We educate and motivate each student to understand how individual actions and behaviors have an impact on others at home and in the community.  We emphasize how to apply social and emotional skills and ethical values to daily life.

This program also involves individuals becoming members of a positive peer team whose goal is to assist each other with successful behavior change in order to improve negative relationships and situations.

Family involvement is critical for long-lasting success, and our program emphasizes ways to learn healthier and more effective ways of communication and conflict resolution.

Goals of the Athletes for Change Residential Treatment Program:

  • Improved behavior management
  • Academic achievement
  • Enhanced social interaction and communication skills
  • Better family relationships
  • Conflict resolution
  • Development of confidence and self-worth
  • Reestablishment of trust in others